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Scientific name: Setophaga cerulea (Previous Drendroica until 2011)

Family: Parulidae (Wood Warblers)

English name: Cerulean Warbler

Common names in Spanish: Reinita Cerúlea, Chipe Cerúleo, Reinita Cielo Azul, Bijirita Azulosa, Verdín azulado

Status: North American Migrant. In Costa Rica it is a passage migrant that can be seen from the second week of August to mid-October. August 11th and November 18th are respectively the earliest and the latest sightings in Costa Rica according to our observations.

Distribution: Breeding range | Eastern North America: from southern Ontario west to southeastern Minnesota south to Arkansas, western Alabama, and northern Mississippi (Wells, 2007).

Passage range (stopover) | Central America.

Wintering range | Eastern Andes from Venezuela to Peru.

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